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Disorganization is one of the top reasons for overwhelming debt these days. Many people have so many credit accounts that they can no longer keep up with the the payment on all of them. Some debtors have several credit cards and then a few other types of debt, as well. A balance transfer card can help the consumer to organize a little better when it comes to making debt a little neater. Balance transfer cards can benefit consumers by saving them money, as well. They are cards that allow the consumer to transfer some balances to the card. Benefits of doing that include lowered interest rate, improved credit score and peace of mind. The following are some of the best balance transfer cards on the market and some information about what makes them unique:

Discover It: High Cash Back

discover-with-cashback-matchThe Discover It card has many positive features about it, but the high cash back amount is the most prominent. This card offers its owners up to 5 percent cash back on their purchases of department stores, or Sam’s Club. They can earn 1 percent everywhere else, and they can redeem their points whenever they so desire. Another benefit of owning this card is that the balance transfer intro APR is 0 percent for 12 months.

Chase Slate: 0 Percent APR

chase-slate-visa-credit-cardThe Chase Slate is perfect for a consumer is looking for an extended 0 percent APR introductory period. The Chase Slate card gifts its new customers with a lovely 15 months of not having to pay a regular interest rate. The balance transfer interest rate is 0 percent for the first 60 days. Other benefits that the card has to offer is a $0 annual fee and monthly FICO score that can help a consumer to get back on track.

Wells Fargo Platinum: Cell Phone Insurance

wells-fargo-platinumThe Wells Fargo Platinum Visa is probably one of the only cards that offers cell phone insurance. The card company provides the consumer with up to $600 in insurance as long as the person pays the cell phone bill with the Wells Fargo card. A $25 deductible may be involved but even that is much better than what many of the cell phone providers offer. Other features of this card are features such liability protection, low annual fee and possibly a low APR.

Citi Simplicity Card: No Fees

citi-simplicity-cardThe Citi Simplicity card has the right name because it truly simplifies life. It comes jam-packed with a whole lot of negatives, but that’s a good thing for a credit card. The Citi Simplicity card has no annual fees, no penalty APRs, no late fees and no interest for the first 21 months of card ownership.

Disorganized debtors can start taking steps to get their credit back in order by getting one of these cards and transferring the debts. The application process only takes a few minutes. Review the above-stated balance transfer credit card offers and choose the best one for the situation.