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Target REDcard

target-redcardPerhaps the most attractive element of the Target REDcard is not only its ability to rebuild fair credit ratings, but also its financing options which are available to the customer. The service includes an automatic 5% off all Target purchases with no restrictions, as well as free shipping with orders on This allows for cardholders to not only benefit from a credit restoration service, but moreover experience a little more incentive in the form of cashback while shopping through Target. Ultimately, with no annual fee, the REDcard is an excellent option for those who frequently use Target to enjoy a little extra cash in their pocket.

J.C. Penny Card

j-c-penny-cardA very popular department store especially during the holiday season, JCPenney offers its own credit card which works to also add additional benefits to customers who frequently shop at JCPenney. Cardholders who accumulate over 100 rewards points via qualified purchase in a given month are automatically granted a 10$ gift card to JCPenney. However, the service does have its pitfalls at times, with a high APR of 26.99% potentially causing problems for consumers who aren’t planning on making full payments. Moreover, the terms and conditions outline a $35 late payment fee which could work against the potential benefits to the card as well. Ultimately, the JCPenney Credit Card is to be avoided for those who cannot make full payments, however should be considered a prime option for those who frequently shop at the store.

Macy’s Card

macyAlthough it is one of the most difficult department store cards to attain on the market today, the Macy’s Credit Card has plenty of benefits to offer the cardholder including no annual fee as well as a built-in chip technology. As consumers move their way up to elite and premier elite status, service benefits include special birthday offers as well as priority customer’s service, among other items. Despite its relatively competitive demands in terms of your credit rating, the Macy’s card is excellent for those who enjoy earning benefits while shopping at their favorite department store.

WalMart Card

walmartRegarded as one of the easier store credit cards to obtain in the industry, the WalMart Credit Card has its benefits including 3% off on purchases as well as 2% off on Walmart gasoline. However the savings are not exclusive to these two designations, as the customer also enjoys an added 1% off at all Walmart locations as well as anywhere else that the card is accepted as a valid form of payment.

However, online reviewers have been critical of the card for a variety of reasons, including incredibly low credit limits as well as skeptical means by which they opened customers’ accounts. Ultimately, the Walmart card is recognized as a fairly easy card to attain, however it comes with its challenges as well. Customers are encouraged to be wary of the application process of this credit service.