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Keeping with the status quo of many popular airlines, Southwest Airlines offers three credit card services (Premier Credit Card, Plus Credit Card, and Business Credit Card) in order to maximize your traveling potential with Southwest Airlines. As a direct function of the Southwest Rapid Rewards program which incentives consumers to keep their allegiance to Southwest Airlines through a variety of ways, the Rapid Rewards Premier Card offers unique services of its own.

southwestPlain and simple, if you have ever flown Southwest Airlines you know that they are a relatively cheap and efficient airline to do business with; therefore acquiring one of their credit card offers should be a genuine consideration for flyers of all frequencies. Some of the basic benefits of the card subscription include 2 points per 1$ spent directly on Southwest purchases as well as 6,000 points on every anniversary of your acquisition date. Although the point scale is fairly standard compared to the market of other airline credit cards, the anniversary award does allow the consumer to get one step closer to enjoying free airfare every year. Subscription to the card also includes no foreign transaction fees as well as 1 point per dollar spent on everyday purchases such as gas and food. This allows for the cardholder to continually work toward redeeming their miles for air travel while simply doing their groceries or making everyday purchases.

The good news for those who may be struggling with their credit scores is that the Southwest Rapid Rewards card has relatively low standards for acceptance in comparison to the other major airlines such as United and Delta. With an average credit score acceptance of 670 and a typical low of 607, the Rapid Rewards program entices consumers who may be on the fringe of reaching elite credit status to consider opening an account. The card also utilizes an Annual Percentage Rate which functions between %16.24 and 23.24% based on conditional circumstances. The annual fee of 99$ is also on par with other services offered by the airline industry.

The general public has been very accepting of this credit card offer since its inception, with 69% of reviewers on Credit Karma reporting their satisfaction as “5 star.” In truth, the card allows for those who frequently use Southwest Airlines to take advantage of point accrual without having to do anything more than make everyday purchases with the card and remain loyal to the company. At the end of the day, points earned with Rapid Rewards never expire, which also should entice those looking to build up their frequent flier miles for the long run.